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in village churches along icons painted on wood but are rarer. this basrelief in its primitiveness is quite stunning and powerful and when hanged on a wall romania. the upper half of the basrelief illustrates god the father with angels on either side of him sitting above the clouds. below the clouds romania2010 romanian roof roofing rooftop roots rosa rose rosemary roses rotting rough round routine row rows royalty free photo rubbish ruin ruined ruminant rural rushnyk russian rust rustic rusting rusty sacred sae safari safe safety saint saintgeorge saints salad salads salmon saltwater sanctity sanctuary sand sandstone sandy sapanta sarmisegetusa sarmizegetusa saru. sauce saurian sausage sausages save savings savior scared scene scenery scenic scenics scent school schoolgirl scraper scrapes scratch sculpture sea seafood sealed seamless sear seascape season seasonal seasoning secluded section secure security see pictures for visual details. it was carved by a folk artist in the naive or folk style of eastern europe romania representing a religious theme adam and eve theme. this piece is unsigned and was purchased in the village of ieud see pictures for visual details. it was likely carved by a folk artist in the naive or folk style of eastern europe and depicts a religious theme the holy family. this piece is unsigned and was purchased in the village of ieud seed sees selection selective selling sepulcher sepulchre serene serenity series service serviette sfanta ana monastery shadow shallow shape share sharp sheep shell shells shingle shingled shiny ship ships shirt shish shore shoreline shot shower showing shows shrine shrivel shy sick side sight sightseeing silence silhouette silver simple single site sitting sketch skewer skewers skin sky skyline skylines skyscraper skyscrapers slate sleepy slice sliced slim slope sloping smile smiling smoke smoker smokey smoking smoky smolder snack snail snap snow soccer solanaceae solanales solid solitude soul soup sour sourdough 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